How to arrive


To arrive to our B&B without any delays or complications due to transportation or unforeseen expenses due to high season (TAXI), we strongly recommend the use of our SHUTTLE SERVICE.


We offer a shuttle service to/from the Airport FCO at the price of € 15.00 Daytime (07:00 am/23:59), € 20.00 Night (00: 00/06: 59am) each way per room and to/from the Nuova Fiera di Roma at a price of € 20.00 (each way per room).
If you were interested, as soon as he collected the luggage, you can call us at no. +39 3208164837 Daniel and I will send the shuttle in the street

in front of the big Fountain –
I will be there in 5-10 minutes!


With the BUS from Airport FCO to B&B (not recommended)

If you start from the airport you have a bus (Terminal 1 Arrivals) towards Ostia Lido and you can ask the driver to drop you off at the stop after Via Trincea delle Frasche and you will be in front of Via Rocce Anzini. Walk all the street (300 meters) and you will arrive in front of our B&B that is at number 92. We do not recommend this solution because of the frequent delays and unavailability of transport

With the TAXI from the Airport FCO to B&B

You can ask a TAXI outside the Airport FCO (the price start € 20,00 no more € 40,00).

With the BUS from Rome to Airport FCO

From TERMINI station or from TIBURTINA station, you can find the Bus TERRAVISION with prices and times.

With the train from Rome to B&B

If you start from Rome, take the train to Ostia Lido station. Get off at the LIDO CENTRO.
Outside there is a bus in the direction to Fiumicino and ask the driver to get off at the stop before Via Trincea delle Frasche and you will be in front of Via Rocce Anzini. You walk all the way (300 meters) and you will arrive in front of our B&B that is at number 92.